Terms of Use


  1. Please do not use any foul language here. That means no swearing, no making perverted jokes, no being racist etc. D:<
  2. Play nice. If you see someone make a comment that you don’t like, don’t make a comment telling him/her to get out or whatever. If it really bothers you, tell me personally and I’ll do something about it. Contact info is on the right sidebar.
  3. No spamming. That means everywhere. No spamming my email, my guestbook, posts, comments, EVERYTHING.

Terms of Use

  1. If you use any of my icons/graphics, it would be great if you credit me. Do not take the images and claim them as your own. 
  2. If you copy and paste any of the info from my website, be sure to credit it.  It’s called plagiarism you guys, and it’s illegal.

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