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Boys’ Generation Cover of “Gee”

10 Sep

Boys’ Generation (also known as Wonder Boys? LOL) Members (this is not a real group by the way):
Red – shindong (Super Junior)
Bright Yellow – JoKwon (2AM)
Blue – Sungmin (Super Junior)
Dark Pink – Jaebeom (2PM)
Orange – TaecYeon (2PM)
Yellow – YeSung (Super Junior)
Purple – Nichkhun (2pm)
Green – EunHyuk (Super Junior)
Pink – Key (SHINee)

I was surfing the web, and I suddenly came across this video. All of those guys above got together and sang “Gee” by Girls’ Generation/SNSD , and so the name Boys’ Generation came alive xD
They’re so cuteeee. It made me smile :] After the guys sang, the real singers SNSD came up and sang the song.


Top 10 K-pop Albums of 2009

3 Sep

These are recently the top 10 hottest k-pop albums as of 2009.

1. Super Junior ‘Sorry. Sorry’ 3rd album
2. G-Dragon ‘Heartbreaker’
3. SNSD / Girls’ Generation ‘Gee’ mini album
4. SNSD / Girls’ Generation ‘Tell me your wish’ mini album
5. 2NE1 mini album
6. Drunken Tiger ‘Feel Ghood Muzik : The 8th Wonder
7. Seotaiji 8th atomos part Secret
8. Seotaiji ‘at0mos’
9. 2PM ‘Time for a Change’
10. SG Wannabe ‘Gift From SG Wanna be’ 6th album

Shindong’s First Love

27 Aug

On a recent episode of Celebrity Goes to School, Super Junior’s Shindong visited his old high school, Sewon High School. On the show, he talked about his childhood years, as well as his first love.

Shindong revealed that his first love had helped him through hard times and encouraged him throughout his years in high school when he and his family had lived in poor conditions. She had also bought groceries for his family every week with her own money, something that Shindong still appreciates to this day.

In addition, Shindong received a gift from his fans on the show, which caused him to tear up after having talked about his hardships prior to his rise to stardom.

Credits to allkpop

SM Town 09 Album!!

12 Aug

Here are two songs from SM Town 09 Album!

Here is SHINee’s new song “Scar”:

Here is DBSK, SHINee, and Super Junior’s “Seaside”:

IU sings “Gee” and “Sorry Sorry”

5 Aug

Here is that super awesome singer again, singing “Gee” by SNSD and “Sorry Sorry” by Super Junior.

“Sorry Sorry” is around 1:20 i think.

Kindergarteners dance Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”

2 Aug


SM Entertainment Soccer Team!?

17 Jul

We learned about the soccer team in an interview with SHINee. Onew said, “In our company, we have SM United. We haven’t had a official match before but we are very happy to be together, it’s very interesting.” When a group joins SM Entertainment, they begin their unofficial careers as soccer players on SM United. Each member of the team has their own uniform.

Minho said, “I watch soccer with the hyungs of Super Junior, we talk while we watch, and when we play soccer together we talk about things related to it too. I also play/watch with the Dong Bang Shin Ki hyungs, and also talk a lot about soccer.”

Credits to allkpop