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Megan Fox and Bi Rain??

4 Jul

Yeah guys, it’s true. Megan Fox likes Bi Rain. Hahah too bad Megan Fox lovers.
But the thing is, Bi Rain is not interested in her. Which is pretty surprising to a lot of people, since everyone thinks Megan Fox is like…the hottest person ever. But yeah. Hmmm. Here’s the story:

“Hollywood Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen actress Megan Fox recently openly expressed her interest in Korean star Rain and also a desire to date the latter, who replied plainly to her invite, “I’m not interested.”

According to media reports, Fox has spoke numerously about her admiration for Rain while on the movie promotional tour.

And that was not just a comment made by Fox; she has indeed extended a dinner date to Rain through her manager but was rejected by the Korean star who was “not interested”.

Yet, the rejection did not wound her pride and ironically, it has built up stronger interest of Rain in Fox who recently criticized the comparison of herself to Angelina Jolie.

According to reports, Fox loves such challenges and has no plans to give up. She would continue extending her invite to Rain, hoping that he would agree to meet up someday.”

Credits to allkpop


Big Bang Video Game- Sudden Attack

3 Jul

Big Bang’s Sudden Attack was released in June 2009. Sudden Attack is a online FPS (First Person Shooter) video game. All five members are made into characters in the game, each character with over 80 lines of dialogue and sound effects recorded by Big Bang.

Here’s the game intro of Sudden Attack:

DBSK “Stand by You” Debuts Number 2

3 Jul

DBSK’s newest single “Stand by You” debuts number 2 on the Oricon Daily Singles chart! “Stand by You” sold 94,838 copies. It was beat by the number 1 “Everything” by Arashi, which sold 135,053 copies!

Even though they’re only number 2 so far, I think this is great. DBSK has never before come near 100,000 sales in the first day. Keep up the good work DBSK!

This is the song “Stand By You”. Enjoy!