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Yoochun’s 5 Ways Of Saying “I love you”

5 Oct

Omg this is so cuteee. I see Yoochun in a whole new way now. I used to think he was ugly (DONT KILL ME YOOCHUN LOVERS) but now i don’t. 😀 I think he’s actually pretty cute. Ahahahahaa.

By the way “I love you” in korean is “saranghae” so thats what Yoochun is saying.


DBSK and their Mini-Me’s

29 Sep

Okay this is an old video, but it is TOO CUTE. Each DBSK has a little kid thats acting/representing them and they say the cutest things ever xD
In the beginning, the minis sing and dance DBSK’s “Balloons”, and then they introduce themselves.

And Jaejoong’s kid…he was in the Balloons MV. Watch the little clip from the MV when they introduce him.

Want DBSK to Sing Happy Birthday to you?

25 Sep

Is it your birthday? Want DBSK to sing to you?
Well they CAN! Just not in real life…and indirectly. xD
Here are two videos where DBSK sing Happy Birthday. You can imagine that they are singing it to you and faint. :]

Jaejoong being a Weirdo

24 Sep

Ahahaha Jaejoong oppa you are too cute. ❤
This is just a random video I found of Jae being a total weirdo and being high in front of the camera ahahaha. It's just a short moment, but yeah. Changmin caught the weirdness and looked at the camera funny at the end. And the whole time you can see Yoochun just standing like "o_o Wtf…?"

“Shelter” by Jaejoong and Yoochun

19 Sep

Here’s “Shelter” by Jaejoong and Yoochun.
I loveee this song. It’s soo nicee and soothing, yet upbeat at the same time. “Colors” and this song are good. Jaejoong and Yoochun should sing more songs together. :]

Here’s an interview excerpt of the boys in SONG Magazine talking about Shelter, thanks to sharingyoochun for translating:
Another new single, SHELTER will also be introduced.

YC: The music was written by Jaejoong! It’

s a challenge for him since the music is kind of different than the music he usually mostly composes.

JJ: From the introduction up to part A and B, the melody is pretty dark and heavy. But starting from the chorus, the beat starts to be faster and brighter. I did enjoy this change of pace.

– What kind of message are the lyrics filled with?

JJ: My world won’t exist if there is no you. You may not know about me, but I still keep thinking of you. It sounds a bit like a stalker… (laughs). It’s like this… a person doesn’

t even know a thing about another person, but this other person somehow feels strength and encouragement just for the fact that the person does exist. So this song tries to express an appreciation for the existence of someone to other people.

YC: The meaning that connects, this song with COLORS are both expressing ‘a thankful mind.’ But COLORS is a song with more simple kind of music, Shelter’s music is more complicated. So it’s a good balance.

Interview credits to allkpop

“Been So Long” ft. Jaejoong and Micky

27 Aug

This is M-Flo’s “Been So Long” preview ft. Jaejoong and Micky from DBSK. The song has a nice pace and it’s kind of  jazzy. It sounds really nice. :]

DBSK Breaking Up Rumors True?

19 Aug

DBSK’s Junsu, Micky, and Jaejoong have had their first hearing regarding the situation with SM Entertainment. An appeal to suspend the exclusive contract was made and if by any chance the exclusive contract suspension does go through, it will become inevitable that the group will break up. If the contract suspension is accepted, then the three members will no longer be able to perform as SME and it is being speculated that the two members who did not join, Yunho and Changmin will walk in a separate direction with three new members.

Considering all this, the reactions of the fans will probably cause absolute chaos. Not only this, but people who are vying for the three open spots of DBSK will also be tearing up a storm to get a chance. DBSK’s fan club Cassiopeia is currently boycotting SM Entertainment. With the cancellation of SM TOWN LIVE ’09, they began the boycott on the 12th and are continuing to do so.

Credits to allkpop