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DBSK being camwhores

3 Oct

Hahaha this is an old video of DBSK being camwhores. POOR CHANGMIN. THEY KEPT BLOCKING HIM.
Jaejoong would just like..appear out of nowhere and stuff his face in front of the camera. xD

So like in the beginning…Changmin realizes that the camera is there or something, and then he tries his best to act kind of natural…and then he decides to start lip synching to “Hug” which is playing in the background. And right when he decides to do that, everyone else who was pretty much ignoring the camera started doing it too and took the spotlight away from him D:
And in the end Jaejoong kisses Yunho ❤


Lee Min Ho and Dara’s CF (Full version)

10 Sep

Ahahaha i just realized that the version i posted yesterday was just a teaser. 😛
So here is the full version. It kind of explains things better right? I lovee this CF. It’s so awesome. LEE MIN HO IS SUCH A CUTIE >_< He looked kinda creepy with the eyeliner and his hair like that tho. When his hair was down, he looked so so so so HOT.

Lee Min Ho and Dara’s CASS CF

9 Sep

This is Cass 2X CF/MV Teaser, featuring Dara from 2NE1 and Lee Min Ho (Boys over Flowers). Dara’s new song “Kiss” is featured in the video as well.

I thought it was pretty hot. Didn’t really get the story of this CF though…but dannng she got to kiss Minho…LUCKY. D:<