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CN Blue’s “Love” MV

9 Aug

I LOVE this song. Fell in love with it the first time I heard it. I’ve listened to other CN Blue songs before, but they weren’t really good, except for “I’m a Loner”. But this song is just…GOOD. And catchy. I’ve listened to it so many times.

I’m not sure how new this song is, but it’s pretty recent.

The song starts at around 1:00


C.N. Blue’s “I’m a Loner” Full MV

14 Jan

The last mv i posted was cut off, and this is the full version.

Enjoy! (Did I mention that I loveeeeee this song?) :]

A Good Place to Watch You’re Beautiful?

14 Jan

This is one of the clearest dramas I have ever seen.
Don’t watch You’re Beautiful on Dramawiki or Mysoju.

Youtube user Pyrite5ive has super clear videos of You’re Beautiful uploaded, and it has english subs too.
Thanks Pyrite5ive! >w<

Here is the link to Pyrite5ive’s channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Pyrite5ive

C.N. Blue is Finally Here!

13 Jan

Yes omg I’m so excited! Who’s C.N. Blue? It’s a korean band and all of you who’ve watched You’re Beautiful will recognize Yonghwa, who was Shin Woo in the drama. :]

What a hottieeeeee. Okay back to the music.

This song is called I’m a Loner, and it’s pretty catchy. I like it. Maybe i’m just being biased because i loveeeeee yonghwa, but I LIKE IT 😀

I will put more about C.N. Blue soon! Please be patient.

You’re Beautiful OST

10 Jan

Have you ever watched the drama “You’re Beautiful”? Omg it is AMAZING. AND THE SONGS ARE AMAZING AS WELL.
These songs are my favorite ones. There’s more songs, but I’ll put that whole list up later.
By the way, in the drama, the actors are in a band called A.N.JELL. A.N.JELL is not an actual band in real life. It only exists in the drama.