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“Love Love Love” MV by F.T. Island

24 Aug

Hongki’s new hair O:


HongKi does SNSD “Genie” Dance

14 Oct

HongKi from F.T. Island is doing the “Genie” Dance, and he’s dressed up as Jessica.
If you can’t tell which one he is, he’s the one who’s REALLY OFF when they’re dancing xDDDDD
Hahahaha just kiddingggg. Actually not really. ._. HE IS REALLY OFF. But he tried.
He’s the one wearing long pants, and in the video he’s in the back row, on the very left.

Flower Boys Generation

28 Sep

It’s just a talkshow hosted by Park Myung Soo between SHINee and F.t. Island members. It’s really interesting…ahahahaha xD
I recommend SHINee and F.t. Island fans to watch this. :] In the beginning, it’s a parody of the drama Coffee Prince. After the short parody, the talkshow starts.

F.T. Island

22 Jul


F.T. Island (에프티 아일랜드)


  • stands for “Five Treasure Island”- meaning each member is a treasure
  • five-member boy band 


Members: Lee Hong Gi, Lee Jae Jin, Choi Jong Hun, Choi Min Hwan, Song Seung Hyun