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A Good Place to Watch You’re Beautiful?

14 Jan

This is one of the clearest dramas I have ever seen.
Don’t watch You’re Beautiful on Dramawiki or Mysoju.

Youtube user Pyrite5ive has super clear videos of You’re Beautiful uploaded, and it has english subs too.
Thanks Pyrite5ive! >w<

Here is the link to Pyrite5ive’s channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Pyrite5ive


2PM Parody of You’re Beautiful

11 Jan

Again, if you don’t know, You’re Beautiful is an amaaaaazing drama.

This is 2pm’s parody of it and it’s pretty cute. Like, at first, it seems kinda stupid, but the more you watch it, the better the parody gets. :]

Too bad Jaebeom’s not there…he could have been Tae Kyung! D:
Don’t worry, the parody doesn’t have spoilers or anything. At least…not really.

You’re Beautiful OST

10 Jan

Have you ever watched the drama “You’re Beautiful”? Omg it is AMAZING. AND THE SONGS ARE AMAZING AS WELL.
These songs are my favorite ones. There’s more songs, but I’ll put that whole list up later.
By the way, in the drama, the actors are in a band called A.N.JELL. A.N.JELL is not an actual band in real life. It only exists in the drama.

Heading to the Ground Teaser

3 Sep

Oh man. Yunho was soo damnnn sexxyyy in this teaser >w< (well maybe except for the beginning when he was in the chicken suit). But yeah.

I’m so excited for this drama. It looks pretty good. I hope its a comedy, because serious dramas are boring. Yunho is with another girl in this drama though..so that makes me sad :[

The girl’s eyes are really weird O_O. 

Heading to the Ground

27 Aug

The drama that Yunho is in finally released some teasers. 
 Omg…in the second teaser you see him with his shirt off xD

I bet you Yunho-lovers will love that. It was HOT HAHAHAHA. Enjoy!!

Dream OST “Countdown” by SHINee

2 Aug

Here’s SHINee’s “Countdown” for the new korean drama “Dream” (starring kim bum and son dambi).

Watch Dream at MySoju 

Boys Over Flowers Icons

21 Jul

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