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New Website Focus?

24 Jul

What would you guys like to see more of on this site? There’s so many k-pop groups out there and I’d rather just focus on a few.
Personally, I’m more interested in the guy groups than girl groups like f(x), 2NE1, or SNSD.

BY THE WAY, you guys can pick up to three choices in the first poll.

I also need to know what you guys want to see on this website.
The “News” option for this poll includes rumors, new kpop groups, etc.
“Graphics” includes icons/avatars, wallpaper, etc.
“Music/Videos” includes recent kpop music, gameshows with kpop groups in them (or just funny ones), any messages
There’s also an “Others” option where you can type in your own suggestion for what should be on the site.


New Kpop Group MBLAQ Album Finally Released

17 Oct

MBLAQ is a Kpop group that consists of five guys (Yang Seung Ho, Lee Joon, G.O, Mir (Cheol Yong), and Cheon Dung (Sandara from 2NE1’s little brother) and guess who they’re under? RAIN. BI RAIN.
Rain you are amazing. He sings, AND he has his own group..
Well he’s not in the group..but he owns them? xD

This song is called “Oh Yeah”. Personally I don’t like it very much…I just listened to it..and all i can remember is them saying “OH YEAH OH YEAH” over and over again.

This song is G.O.O.D Luv.

And this is My Dream.

Lee Min Ho and Dara’s CF (Full version)

10 Sep

Ahahaha i just realized that the version i posted yesterday was just a teaser. 😛
So here is the full version. It kind of explains things better right? I lovee this CF. It’s so awesome. LEE MIN HO IS SUCH A CUTIE >_< He looked kinda creepy with the eyeliner and his hair like that tho. When his hair was down, he looked so so so so HOT.

Lee Min Ho and Dara’s CASS CF

9 Sep

This is Cass 2X CF/MV Teaser, featuring Dara from 2NE1 and Lee Min Ho (Boys over Flowers). Dara’s new song “Kiss” is featured in the video as well.

I thought it was pretty hot. Didn’t really get the story of this CF though…but dannng she got to kiss Minho…LUCKY. D:<

“I Don’t Care” Reggae remix

3 Sep

This version of “I Don’t Care” sounds kind of funny. It’s beat is really funky. :/

What do you guys think? Which is better? This version, or the original?

Top 10 K-pop Albums of 2009

3 Sep

These are recently the top 10 hottest k-pop albums as of 2009.

1. Super Junior ‘Sorry. Sorry’ 3rd album
2. G-Dragon ‘Heartbreaker’
3. SNSD / Girls’ Generation ‘Gee’ mini album
4. SNSD / Girls’ Generation ‘Tell me your wish’ mini album
5. 2NE1 mini album
6. Drunken Tiger ‘Feel Ghood Muzik : The 8th Wonder
7. Seotaiji 8th atomos part Secret
8. Seotaiji ‘at0mos’
9. 2PM ‘Time for a Change’
10. SG Wannabe ‘Gift From SG Wanna be’ 6th album

Seungri Passes High School Exams

17 Jul

Seungri from Big Bang has announced that he has passed his high school exams. Seungri and Daesung had both dropped out of high school early to concentrate on their music career, but has went back to take the high school exams.

Speaking of high school, minzy from 2NE1 has dropped out of high school.