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Beautiful- B2ST

18 Nov

My new favorite song :3

“I’ll Be Back” by 2PM

11 Oct


I’m soo happy. 2PM ❤

“Hello” by SHINee

30 Sep

SHINee’s October comeback! I’m so excited!

Here is their new song “Hello”. This is just the audio though; I think the MV will be coming out soon.

“Oh! My Goddess” by TRAX

3 Sep

I’m not too sure, but I think TRAX was an old band that recently had a comeback, and this was its comeback song.

I really like this song 😀
Can’t believe I’ve never heard of this band.

Oh my gosh. I think the bad guy from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (it’s a drama- go watch it, it’s GOOD) was a former member of this band.

SNSD Releases Japanese Version of “Genie”

26 Aug

“Love Love Love” MV by F.T. Island

24 Aug

Hongki’s new hair O:

Miss A’s “Good Girl Bad Girl”

19 Aug

Miss A is a new kpop group consisting of 4 girls. This is their debut song.

I loveee it. Idk I just like the melody of the song :]