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New Website Focus?

24 Jul

What would you guys like to see more of on this site? There’s so many k-pop groups out there and I’d rather just focus on a few.
Personally, I’m more interested in the guy groups than girl groups like f(x), 2NE1, or SNSD.

BY THE WAY, you guys can pick up to three choices in the first poll.

I also need to know what you guys want to see on this website.
The “News” option for this poll includes rumors, new kpop groups, etc.
“Graphics” includes icons/avatars, wallpaper, etc.
“Music/Videos” includes recent kpop music, gameshows with kpop groups in them (or just funny ones), any messages
There’s also an “Others” option where you can type in your own suggestion for what should be on the site.


Oh nooo D:

13 Apr

I just realized that a lot of my videos don’t work anymore because the videos would be removed due to violation or something like that. D:<

NOo. ARGh. Anyways I’ll try to find new versions of those videos on youtube so yahhhhhh.


Hiatus again…

28 Mar

sigh sigh sigh. I’ve totally forgotten about this site :[

Hopefullly i’ll have more time later to add some stuff…because i dont have time right now :/

I know I know

14 Jan

I said I would add more stuff, but I also said that I wanted to change the layout of my website.

Since this host doesn’t really have good website templates, and I can’t use HTML without paying for the website, I might move to another host. Maybe blogspot?

SOOOO instead of adding stuff, I’m gonna go check out blogspot. Cuz if i decide to move, I have to move EVERYTHING there.

Help me make up my mind? Oh and im checking out livejournal too. So if you pick move, please type in where I should move to. If you don’t know, just don’t type in anything and click the choice that tells me to move.

Heavenly’s Comeback!

9 Jan

Edit: I said I would put stuff up, but I’m doing homework right now…-__-
I’m soooo sorry if I disappointed you. I’ll try my best to put something.

Edit: New Banner! YAY! I usually put a new one up every month, but I haven’t done so for two months now…but here it is. The theme is You’re Beautiful (it’s a korean drama by the way). I love it so much I made a banner for it. More You’re Beautiful stuff coming soon!

I feel bad for not putting stuff up, but I’ve been soooo busy…

SOOO…I promise that this weekend, I will put up new stuff and update the website a bit. I need a new banner and I’ve been thinking of changing the layout o_o

Depending on my homework load, I might not be able to change much, but I’ll try.


29 Oct

Don’t worry I’ll be back in a few days.
I’m not going anywhere..i just feel lazy…and i have a lot of work to yeah :/

My Animated Taemin Icon

27 Sep

FINALLY. Okay. So I made this icon like…a month ago, but for some reason, when I uploaded it on the website, it wasn’t animated. :/ But for some reason it works now, so YAY I CAN FINALLY SHARE IT!!!~ I hope you guys like it, it’s my second animated icon and it took a long time to figure out so LOVE IT. D:<

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