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SHINee’s “Lucifer” Dance Version

4 Aug

I’ve seen many comments on videos asking for the dance version of Lucifer so people can learn it. Well it’s finally here!

Taemin looks so cute with his hair up xD

I think I’ll try to learn this dance too even though I’ll fail horribly.


SHINee’s “Lucifer” MV is out!

26 Jul

Lucifer was actually released a few days ago, July 19, 2010.
I was really excited for this and I was a bit disappointed when I first heard it. But after hearing it again and again, it began to get catchy.

And oh my- Taemin is soooo good looking. This is his best hairstyle so far. My little maknae grew up -sniff-
On the other hand, KEY. WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR? It’s…ruined. D:

Anyways enjoy!

SHINee’s new song “Ring Ding Dong”

19 Oct

I don’t know about this song…it sounds okay i guess. All i hear in my head right now is “Ring Ding Dong Ring Ding Dong” -___-
BUT…I like the MV 😀 I think SHINee looks very hot in this video..i love their new hairstyles…except for Taemin. Taemin always as the weirdest hair I swear. It never really matches him.
And I love the wings…OMG. I think i have a wing fetish.

Onew’s Solo Track Teaser

12 Oct

Onew’s solo track “The Name I loved” Teaser.
I sounds pretty nice. I keep hearing a lot of nice new kpop songs nowadays :]
Keep up the good work guys.

Flower Boys Generation

28 Sep

It’s just a talkshow hosted by Park Myung Soo between SHINee and F.t. Island members. It’s really interesting…ahahahaha xD
I recommend SHINee and F.t. Island fans to watch this. :] In the beginning, it’s a parody of the drama Coffee Prince. After the short parody, the talkshow starts.

Dream OST “Countdown” by SHINee

2 Aug

Here’s SHINee’s “Countdown” for the new korean drama “Dream” (starring kim bum and son dambi).

Watch Dream at MySoju 

Shinee sings “Gee” by SNSD

9 Jul

Shinee sings “Gee”. Yeah the quality is bad i know -___-