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“Lachata” Official MV released!

2 Sep

Well, I’m slightly disappointed with this video. Okay no offense f(x) lovers, but that was pretty lame. Like the beginning? I thought the video was gonna have a dark and mysterious mood, but then they come up, driving a pink car. I mean…wtf is that? And they only showed like…three people most of the time. Seriously.
2NE1 is still the best amateur group. Sorry f(x).


More on f(x)!

24 Aug

f(x) will debut this September. The ‘x’ in ‘f(x)’ is like a variable. If the ‘x’ changes, the result will be different. Which correlates to the members diverse skills and backgrounds, which will allow them to not only flourish in Korea, but by changing their x-factor or variable, they will also succeed overseas – as that is the plan.

In addition, the ‘f’ stands for ‘flower’, and the ‘x’ stands for the female chromosome ‘xx’. And like a flower, they will blossom and become hot icons to represent Asia as the top “Asian Pop Dance Group.”

More info here: allkpop

New Korean Girl Group: f(x)

23 Aug

f(x) is SM Entertainment’s newest girl group. The members are Victoria Song, Krystal Jung, Amber, Sul Li and Luna.
This is the teaser for their song “Lachata”.

Hey a new group. Let’s see how they do. 😛