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Idol Army Ep. 14- 2PM and SHINee

17 Dec

Idol Army Ep. 14. 2PM with SHINee.
I love these Idol Army videos. They totally make my day. I found them two days ago, and i started watching all these videos…and watching them made me more interested in 2PM.
I ACTUALLY KNOW THEIR NAMES NOW LOL. I love Junsu and Nickhun. Hotties~

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Infinity Challenge Parody of Star Wars

14 Oct

Once again, Infinity Challenge has come up with another amazing parody. This time its Star Wars. >:DD
There’s no subs, and their speaking gibberish I think xD, but you can pretty much figure out what they’re saying.
It’s still funny without the subs so yeah.

I think the guy with blonde hair is supposed to be Obi-Wan? But whatever. HE HAS SICK LASER DODGING SKILLS. AHAHAHA.

And you gotta love Princess Leia. ;]

DBSK Member’s Weird Habits

22 Sep

Hahaha okay so this is a show where DBSK talk about their fellow members’ habits. It’s funny ahaha. You’ll find out all sorts of weird things about them. I loveeddd how Junsu ate his ice cream xD They are soo cute >w< I love their normal voices (as in when they aren't singing and being so incredibly hot on stage). OMG I LOVE HOW CHANGMIN TALKS IN HIS SLEEP. Yeeee ❤

There should be like…a DBSK reality show 24/7 (hahah stalkerish much? yes.)

“Gee” by SNSD Parody

21 Sep

AHAHAHA this is sooo funny omg. Okay, so a bunch of comedians, including MC Yoo, Park Myung Soo, etc, did a parody of “Gee” by SNSD/Girls’ Generation. They called themselves the Middle Age Generation, and named the song “EnerGEE”. Basically…this is a video of guys in drags doing cute girly stuff. xD
The beginning is a bunch of stuff showing them in the making, you can skip that and start at 1:17. Most of the funny stuff start there. LOL at 3:09.
I definitely recommend you guys to watch the WHOLE video. It’s so frickin hilarious. I kept laughing, and I couldn’t stop. Even when I did, I would start laughing again. Seriously.

Edit: The old video was made private. WHICH SUCKS because it was good and had better subs. So here’s another one. The subs are smaller and worse, but its works.

Lovers In Paris Parody

20 Sep

This is a parody of the korean drama Lovers In Paris on the show Xman.
I’ve never watched Lovers In Paris before, but I found this parody pretty interesting. It kind of makes me want to watch it. xD
Well enjoy it!