Heavenly’s Comeback!

9 Jan

Edit: I said I would put stuff up, but I’m doing homework right now…-__-
I’m soooo sorry if I disappointed you. I’ll try my best to put something.

Edit: New Banner! YAY! I usually put a new one up every month, but I haven’t done so for two months now…but here it is. The theme is You’re Beautiful (it’s a korean drama by the way). I love it so much I made a banner for it. More You’re Beautiful stuff coming soon!

I feel bad for not putting stuff up, but I’ve been soooo busy…

SOOO…I promise that this weekend, I will put up new stuff and update the website a bit. I need a new banner and I’ve been thinking of changing the layout o_o

Depending on my homework load, I might not be able to change much, but I’ll try.


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