New Kpop Group: HinT

20 Sep

Yes, I know. It’s another new Kpop group. -__-||
Okay this one is called HinT. The members include two guys and one girl, and their names are Ju In, Shin Gyu, and Yeun Gyung. I think this is my first time seeing a Kpop group that has both genders in it, so that’s pretty cool to me :]
I like some songs that have both girl and guy voices in them. So yeah.
The first video is the MV and the second is their debut, their live performance on M!Countdown.
Their debut song is actually pretty good too. It’s not as catchy as “T.T Dance” by HAM (LOL ham..)”Lachata” by f(x), or U.F.O by Telepathy? (or the other way round?), but it’s nice to listen to. It’s soothing like “Shelter” by Jaejoong and Yoochun…(if you want to listen to any of the songs I just named, just type it in the search box). The song is called “Passion’s Generation”, and it kind of sounds like an Epik High song at the beginning. This song is a good debut song for them.


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