New Korean Girl Group: f(x)

23 Aug

f(x) is SM Entertainment’s newest girl group. The members are Victoria Song, Krystal Jung, Amber, Sul Li and Luna.
This is the teaser for their song “Lachata”.

Hey a new group. Let’s see how they do. 😛


One Response to “New Korean Girl Group: f(x)”

  1. NyNy August 28, 2009 at 3:16 am #

    The last girl group, I hope.

    I think it bothers everybody because they are young and are missing out on their lives to give up a lot for a singing career.

    What happens if they start doing another girl group with girls from ages 8 – 13? That would be shocking for me. If this continues I will be put off by how young they are becoming.

    But I guess SM must have hope for them otherwise he wouldn’t choose them so I will let it slide but I won’t take an interest in the group. I mean the song, LACHATA doesn’t excite me or give me a good impression of them. I miss CSJH but I guess SM is working on these girls instead.

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