Another Chinese Version of Boys Over Flowers

8 Jul

There’s gonna be another Chinese version of “Boys Over Flowers”. You would be thinking “another Boys Over Flowers OMFG gonna be great” but I don’t think so.

Okay, see the pic?
From left to right, corresponding to the korean version: Ji Hoo, Yi Jeong, Gu Jun Pyo, Woo Bin, Jan Di

The Chinese version’s going to be different from the Korean version. First of all, the F4 will be changed to H4.
Secondly, I don’t know…the actors don’t really fit the characters. The guy thats supposed to be Ji Hoo doesn’t give off the same feeling…if you get what I mean. He looks so UGH. Gu Jun Pyo doesn’t even have curly hair.

But you won’t know until you watch it I guess. I’ll be uploading the trailer when youtube starts working for me again. T_T

Here’s the trailer:


One Response to “Another Chinese Version of Boys Over Flowers”

  1. siubak July 9, 2009 at 8:51 am #

    Hey, I saw this news too!! Personally not that interested in F4 stuff, although I’ve watched the Jdrama and TWdrama versions, and read the original Japanese manga.
    BTW, the reason they have to use H4 instead of F4 is because of the copyright that the Jdrama version has on F4. The TWdrama version came out before the Jdrama version, and at the time it wasn’t licensed outside of Japan yet. Also, there was that F4 Taiwanese pop group. They had to change their name after the Japanese licensed it. So that’s why they’re not using F4.

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