Seigi no Mikata

5 Jul

Seigi No Mikata (正義の味方)

Seigi No Mikata is a comedy about a high school freshman girl named Youko. Youko’s older sister, Makiko, is beautiful and smart, unlike Youko, who does not really do well in school. Despite her appearance, Makiko has a devilish nature and is very self- centered. She orders around Youko and makes her do a lot of crazy stuff. Even though her actions are meant to be bad, they turn out to be good for the community, giving her the nickname “Ally of Justice” (which is Seigi No Mikata translated into English). No matter what she does, Makiko always prevails, and poor Youko is stuck as her sister’s slave.

Watch the drama at MySoju. Some of the episodes have problems, so you can watch them at Momokopeach2 Youtube Videos


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